Dodging the rain clouds

Lately as you can imaging our walks have been rather…err…..soggy. So we take every opportunity when the clouds part and we spot some blue sky to get out and about.

I think even the birds have been hiding away out of the weather. We could hear them, but couldn’t see them. So, we had to make do with this friendly looking owl that we spotted on the church door.   

The happy coincidence of the rain moving over was that we saw this beautiful rainbow, it shone bright in the sky and gave us plenty of time to talk about colours. We’re working on colours, it’s a work in progress as everything at the moment is yellow (even if it’s not). 

  We decided that we were quite lucky because we got to go home for a snack and a warm up by the wood burner but the little man below had to stay outside with rain dripping off his nose.  

Early Autumn sun

We’ve been enjoying the warm sunshine recently, and hoping that it will last. It has meant that we have been seeing lots of butterflies fluttering around enjoying the warmth too. 

This Peacock butterfly settled on flowers and  opened its wings so we got a really good look at its colours. 

Sometimes though a pretty butterfly isn’t enough to hold the concentration and the sound of a tractor three fields away is much more exciting….oh well, you can’t please all of the people all of the time!

(I have to say though, when we found the tractor it was a shiny new red one, and it did make some small people very happy)

Cheeky beasties


When we were out enjoying the sunshine we saw all sorts of cheekiness going on. We heard a rustle rustle in the leaves and looked closely. This little mouse was peeking out of the wall, wiggling his nose at us. He wasn’t shy, in fact he was bordering on plain nosey! 


On the way home we saw these lambs (behaving badly). They were stood on the wall eating the hedge, maybe they were bored of a diet of grass? 


After seeing all the  cheeky animals it was only right that we got to enjoy the sun too, so socks came off and we had toe wriggles all round.

All gone!


Breakfast went down well this morning, which is a good thing because Monday is Allithwaite Toddler Group. Much energy is needed for sliding and jumping and running and singing (oh yes, lots of singing)…. phew… makes me tired just thinking about it. Needless to say we all love it!